CMDS2016 CMDS2016

Oral presentation abstracts

We01 - Kevin J. Kubarych
Photocatalysis Reaction Dynamics Probed in Operando with 2DIR

We02 - Jens Bredenbeck
How Catalysts Control Substrate Structure

We03 - Wei Xiong
Measuring Orientation and Surface Interactions of Heterogeneous Catalysts using 2D SFG

We04 - Peter Vöhringer
Ultrafast Dynamics of a Ferracyclobutadiene

We05 - John C. Wright
Fully Coherent Electronic-Vibrational Spectroscopy of Transition Metal Complexes

We06 - Majed Chergui
Ultrafast 2D UV and Visible Spectroscopy of (Bio)Chemical Systems

We07 - Neil T. Hunt
Long-Range Vibrational Dynamics are Directed by Watson-Crick Base-Pairing in Duplex DNA

We08 - Valentyn I. Prokhorenko
Two-Dimensional And Transient Absorption Spectroscopies of Single-Stranded DNA in The Deep UV

We09 - Andrew H. Marcus
Studies of Vibronically Coupled Molecular Dimers in DNA by Timeresolved Two-Dimensional Fluorescence Spectroscopy

We10 - Martin T. Zanni
Ultrafast Exciton Transport Studied with 2D White- Light Spectroscopy at 100 Khz

We11 - Antonietta De Sio
Coherent Polaron Pair Formation in a Semiconducting Polymer

We12 - Kyungwon Kwak
Equilibrium Dynamics in Electrolytes of Li-Ion BatteryStudied by Two-Dimensional IR Spectroscopy

We13 - Jisu Ryu
Optical Inhomogeneity from 2D Spectra vs. Static Size Dispersion in an Ensemble of PbSe Nanocrystals

We14 - Tobias Brixner
New 2D Methods for Studying Molecular Interactions

We15 - Jeffrey A. Davis
Isolating Specific Pathways in Double Quantum 2D Spectroscopy

We16 - Jeffrey A. Cina
Relating Action- and Transmission-Detected Multidimensional Wave-Packet Interferometry Signals

We17 - Youssef El Khoury
Femtosecond Redox-Induced 2D-IR Difference Spectroscopy of Proteins and Biomolecules

Th01 - Ellen H. G. Backus
Energy Transfer in Water Underneath Oppositely Charged Surfactants

Th02 - Ken-ichi Inoue
2D Heterodyne-Detected VSFG Spectroscopy of a Model Membrane Interface

Th03 - Andrei Tokmakoff
The Dynamics of Excess Protons in Liquid Water Viewed through 2D IR Spectroscopy

Th04 - Keisuke Tominaga
Frequency Fluctuations of Non-Ionic Vibrational Probe in Water; studied by 2DIR Spectroscopy and Molecular Simulation

Th05 - Thomas Elsaesser
Short-Range Electric Interactions of the DNA Surface with its Hydration Shell

Th06 - Peter Hamm
2D-Raman-THz Spectroscopy of Salt Solutions

Th07 - Wei Zhuang
Study the Spatial Range of Ion Effect Using 1D and 2D Vibrational Spectroscopy

Th08 - Mark A. Berg
Heterogeneous Solvation Dynamics in an Ionic Liquid: Multidimensional Rate Spectra Yield Quantitative Measurements

Th09 - Sean Garrett-Roe
Ultrafast Vibrational Spectroscopy of Ionic Liquids

Th10 - Artem A. Bakulin
Vibronic Effects in Singlet Fission Observed by Coherent Electronic 2D Spectroscopy

Th11 - Pascal Grégoire
Two-Dimensional Coherent Photocurrent Excitation Spectroscopy Of A Hybrid Lead-Halide Perovskite Solar Cell

Th12 - Sean T. Roberts
Extracting Solar Energy from Singlet Fission Materials

Th13 - Steven T. Cundiff
Multi-Quantum Coherences Measure the Exciton-Polariton Ladder of States in a Microcavity

Th14 - Jan Helbing
2D-IR Versus VCD Spectroscopy of Artificial -Sheet Forming Fibrils

Th15 - Yves L.A. Rezus
Temperature-Induced Collapse of Elastin-Like Peptides Studied by 2DIR Spectroscopy

Th16 - Sander Woutersen
Liquid-liquid transitions in aqueous solutions: the Good, the Bad, and the Spectroscopy

Th17 - David R. Klug
The Structure of a Drug-Protein Complex Detected and Analysed by EVV 2DIR Spectroscopy

Fr01 - Jennifer P. Ogilvie
Multidimensional Spectroscopic Studies of Photosynthetic Reaction Centers

Fr02 - David Paleček
Coherence Shift Mechanism Explains Long-Lived Beatings in Bacterial Reaction Centers

Fr03 - Tõnu Pullerits
Fluorescence Detected 2D Spectroscopy of LH2

Fr04 - Ismael A. Heisler
2D Electronic Spectroscopy Study of Coherent and Structural Dynamical Effects in Porphyrin Chromophores

Fr05 - Howe-Siang Tan
Excitation Energy Transfer Dynamics of LHCII complexes

Fr06 - Elisabetta Collini
Electronic Coherences in Rhodamine Dimers: Vibronic Coupling and Distance Dependence

Fr07 - Qiang Shi
Revealing Quantum Coherence in Photosynthetic Complexes Using Ultrafast Spectroscopy: Simulation Studies

Fr08 - Minhaeng Cho
Vibrational Solvatochromism, Intermolecular Interaction, and Femtosecond Vibrational/Electronic Spectroscopy

Fr09 - Vincent Kemlin
Transient 2DIR Spectroscopy in a Vibrational Ladder

Fr10 - Amber T. Krummel
Contact Ion-Pairing of LiOCN Under Multiple Solvent Conditions Enabled by Interfacing Microfluidics with 2D IR Spectroscopy

Fr11 - Maxim F. Gelin
Alternative View of Two-Dimensional Spectroscopy