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CMDS’ eleven” QUIZ

In the coming 2½ days, there will be plenty of exciting talks to attend. To promote your active participation in the meeting and to bring an entertainment component to CMDS2016, we are proud to announce a quiz “CMDS’ eleven”. All participants of CMDS2016 can take part in the competition individually or in teams of 2-3 people.


Rules of the game

The quotes to be aired during the conference are listed below. You should:

(i) recognize the name of the author of the quote

(ii) make a selfie with the author and upload it (without any comments!) to the CMDS2016@Facebook event and/or at twitter with the hashtag #CMDS2016  

(iii) email the name of the author of the quote and your selfie with the author to 

The deadline for uploading the selfies is Friday July 1st 13:00.

The winner(s) will be decided by the highest number of recognized quotes and the coolest selfies. The winner(s) will be announced at the conference closure, with special prizes awarded.

Wij wensen u veel success!


List of quotes

  1. «Vibrational energy transfer is the IR analogue of NOESY in NMR»
  2. «Jaynes Cummings ladder»
  3. «This is a case in which the structure, dynamics, and spectroscopy are so entangled that if you understand one of these you will understand them all»
  4. «Spectroscopically speaking LH2 is the third most studied light harvesting complex»
  5. «The simpler the system gets the harder it becomes to be confident about the interpretation»
  6. «2D IR spectroscopy is a 1D-spectroscopy with respect to the low-frequency, intermolecular degrees of freedom»
  7. «It is just always there»
  8. «Enough data to last us a LIFEtime»
  9. «The complicated absorption spectrum of this ostensibly simple system exemplifies the point that Rick Heller and Shaul Mukamel have been making for several decades that semiclassical methods are our only hope for calculating spectroscopic signals from multimode systems»
  10.  «How you treat the bends is a matter of life and death»
  11. «And then we double down on Mukamel»


This quiz can also be downloaded as a pdf-file from here