CMDS2016 CMDS2016

Poster abstracts - Session I

P001 - Achintya Kundu
Water Hydrogen-Bonding Dynamics at Different Phases of Lipid Multibilayer: Femtosecond Mid-IR Pump-Probe Spectroscopy

P003 - Alessandra Picchiotti
Dynamics of the Excited Electronic States of Pyrene in the Deep UV

P005 - Ana V. Cunha
Benchmarking Spectral Simulation Protocols for Amide I

P007 - Andrey Shalit
2D Raman-THz Spectroscopy of Aqueous Salt Solutions

P009 - Andrius Gelzinis
New Simulations of 2D spectra of Photosystem II Reaction Center

P011 - Anna S. Bondarenko
Excitation Energy Transfer in Multichromophoric Systems

P013 - Arend G. Dijkstra
Modeling 2DUV Spectra of Nucleobases: Damped Dynamics Through Conical Intersections

P015 - Björn Kriete
Towards 2D Spectroscopy of Molecular Aggregate Formation

P017 - Blaise J. Thompson
A Robust, Fully Automated Algorithm to Collect High Quality OPA Tuning Curves

P019 - Carien C.M. Groot
Water and Oil Do Mix: Structure and Dynamics of Water in Triglyceride Oils

P021 - Carlos R. Baiz
Investigating the Dynamics of Interfacial Ester Carbonyls in Lipid Bilayers

P023 - Cheng Zhang
Understanding the Two-dimensional Electronic Spectra Peak Shapes of CdSe Quantum Dots

P025 - Cyril Falvo
Ultrafast Dynamics of Carboxy-Hemoglobin: Two-Dimensional Infrared Spectroscopy Experiments and Simulations

P027 - Z. Li
Calculation of Two-Dimensional Spectra Using the Stochastic Hierarchy of Pure States (HOPS)

P029 - Elisa Palacino González
Theory of Femtosecond Double-Pulse Single-Molecule Spectroscopy

P031 - Evgeniia Salamatova
2D IR Spectroscopy on OH Stretch in Diluted Alcohols

P033 - Gordon Hithell
Impact of the Double-Single Strand Transition on Vibrational Coupling and Spectral Diffusion in an AT-15mer

P035 - Halina Tran
2D Infrared Spectroscopy of High Pressure Phases of Ice

P037 - Hong-Guang Duan
Signatures of Charge Separation in the Reaction Center of PSII Revealed by 2D Electronic Spectroscopy

P039 - James Lim
Vibration-Mediated Coherent Mixing of Exciton and Polaron Pair In a Conjugated Polymer

P041 - Jan Philip Kraack
Surface-Enhanced 2D Attenuated Total Reflectance IR Spectroscopy for Studying Surface-Sensitive Ultrafast Vibrational Dynamics

P043 - Masaki Okuda
Rotational Dynamics of Solutes with Multi-Rotational Axes in 1-Alchohol Solutions Studied by Infrared Pump-Probe Spectroscopy

P045 - Khadga J. Karki
Photocurrent Detected Two-Dimensional Spectroscopy of InP Nanowire Array Solar Cell

P047 - Kimberly R. Daley
Solvation Dynamics of Concentrated Aqueous Polymer Mixtures: A Two-Dimensional Infrared Spectroscopy Study

P049 - Laurie A. Bizimana
Investigating Nonadiabatic Photoisomerization Dynamics of Phytochrome Cph1 Using 2D ES

P051 - Luuk J.G.W. van Wilderen
Time-Resolved Vibrational Spectroscopy of Coumarin Cages Which Can Trigger Fast Bio/Chemical Reactions

P053 - Magnus Ringholm
General Vibrational Spectroscopies with Wilson

P055 - Marten Richter
Signatures of Förster and Dexter Couplings between Quantum dots in 2D Spectroscopy

P057 - Martin Thämer
Structure and Dynamics of Solvated Protons in Water Studied with 2D IR Spectroscopy

P059 - Marwa Farag
Detection of Conical Intersection from the Vibrational Coherences

P061 - Giulia Folpini
Two-Dimensional Terahertz-Spectroscopy on Aspirin

P063 - Miroslav Kloz
Wavelet filter for Femtosecond Stimulated Raman Spectroscopy: a new approach brings new horizons

P065 - Nicholas H.C. Lewis
Studying Energy Transfer Dynamics in Light Harvesting Complex II using 2D Electronic-Vibrational Spectroscopy

P067 - Lars Mewes
Coherent 2D Spectroscopy of Pentacene Thin Films

P069 - Claudio Zanobini
Two-Dimensional Infrared Spectroscopy of a Site-Specifically Labeled Photoswitchable Allosteric Protein

P071 - Paul Donaldson
100 kHz 2D-IR Spectroscopy. Applications of a Fast, Sensitive Spectrometer to Chemical and Biochemical Problems

P073 - Paul J. Sanstead
Multistate DNA Oligonucleotide Dissociation Revealed Through FTIR, 2D IR, and t-HDVE Spectroscopy

P075 - Philip J.M. Johnson
Heterogeneous Protein-Ligand Binding Determined by 2D IR Spectroscopy with the Unnatural Amino Acid Azidohomoalanine

P077 - Roel Tempelaar
Mapping the Evolution of Spatial Exciton Coherence Through Time-Resolved Fluorescence

P079 - Federico Branchi
Tracking Electron and Hole Relaxation Dynamics in CdTe Nanorods by 2D Electronic Spectroscopy

P081 - Tenzin Kunsel
Spectral Manifestation of C2 Modulation of the LH2 Complex of Purple Bacteria

P083 - Tobias A. Gellen
Probing State- and Size-Dependent Line Broadening in CdSe Nanocrystals Using 2D ES

P085 - Václav Perlík
Vibronically Mediated Exciton Transfer in Perylene Dimers

P087 - Valeri Kozich
Intra- and Intermolecular Vibrational Coupling in a Polymerization Reaction

P089 - Ved Prakash Roy
Interfacial Hydration Dynamics in Cationic Reverse and Regular Micelles Using 2D-IR

P091 - Veronica Policht
Comparison of Coherent Oscillations in 2DES studies of Bacterial Reaction Centers and Bacteriochlorophyll a

P093 - Wilbert J. Smit
2D-IR Spectroscopy of Water Molecules in a Hydrated Lithium Nitrate Crystal

P095 - Wutharath Chin
Vibrational Spectroscopy and Dynamics of W(CO)6 in Solid Methane as a Probe of Lattice Properties

P097 - Sander Woutersen
Direct Observation of Liquid-Liquid Transitions in Aqueous Solutions

P099 - Giuseppe Fumero
Energy flow between spectral components in 2D broadband stimulated Raman spectroscopy