CMDS2016 CMDS2016

Poster abstracts - Session II

P002 - Cyril Falvo
Vibrational-Coherence Measurement of Nonequilibrium Quantum Systems by Four-Wave Mixing

P004 -Lars Mewes
Coherent Vibrational Coupling in Singly Fused Diporphyrins

P006 - Andrea Lapini
Structural Transformations and Hydrogen Bond Reorganization of Liquid Water Under High-Pressure Conditions

P008 - Andrea Volpato
Time-Frequency Methods for Coherent Spectroscopy

P010 - Ariel M. Alperstein
Are Cataracts an Amyloid Disease? 2D IR Spectra Say YES!

P012 - Artur Mannanov
Photoluminescence Anisotropy in Organic Semiconducting Single Crystals

P014 - Bernhard Huber
Observation of Long-Lived Coherence in the Metalorganic System Cobalt/Alq3

P016 - Biplab Dutta
Molecular Origin of the Extensibility of Fibrin

P018 - Carsten Neumann
Species-selective photochemistry of coumarin-cages by VIPER 2D-IR

P020 - Christopher L. Smallwood
Analytical Solutions to the Bloch Model for Multidimensional Coherent Spectroscopy with Gaussian Pulse Envelopes

P022 - Cristina Leonardo
2D-Photon Echo on Chlorophyll a: Relaxation Dynamics of the Qy band

P024 - Daniel Finkelstein-Shapiro
2D Lineshape of a Fano Model

P026 - David A. Price
Structure and Dynamics in Non-canonically H-Bonded RNAs

P028 - Elena Meneghin
Two-Dimensional Electronic Spectroscopy of Biomimetic Light- Harvesting Antennas

P030 - Eric W. Martin
Isolation and Characterization of Individual Interfacial Quantum Dots Using 2D Coherent Spectroscopy

P032 - Erling Thyrhaug
Quantum Beats in the Fenna-Matthews-Olson Complex

P034 - Franco V.A. Camargo
Intramolecular Vibrations in 2D Electronic Spectroscopy (2D-ES) under Different Excitation Conditions

P036 - František Šanda
Finite Pulse Effects in 2D Electronic Spectroscopies

P038 - Giulia Giubertoni
Probing the Molecular Origin of the Viscosity of Hyaluronic Acid Solutions by 2D-IR Spectroscopy

P040 - Hélène Seiler
Fully Coherent 2D Electronic Spectrometer With Polarization Shaping Capabilities

P042 - Hong-Guang Duan
Two-dimensional Electronic Spectroscopy of Fenna-Matthews-Olson Complex at Ambient Temperature

P044 - Marco A. Allodi
Coherent Two-Dimensional Terahertz-Terahertz-Raman Spectroscopy Of Liquids

P046 - Jianping Wang
A Novel Conformation of PYP Caused by a Vibrational Marker

P048 - Mario González-Jiménez
Delocalised Terahertz Phonon-Like Modes In Biomolecules

P050 - Carmine Somma
Two-Phonon Quantum Coherences in InSb Observed by Two- Dimensional Three-Pulse THz Spectroscopy

P052 - Kyle J. Czech
Investigation of MoS2 Exciton Dynamics Using State-Selective Multidimensional Spectroscopy

P054 - Larry Lüer
Mapping Exciton Localization in Linear TDBC Aggregates by Two- Dimensional Electronic Spectroscopy

P056 - Oleg Kozlov
Recycling of Singlet Excitons in Organic Bilayers

P058 - Laura Kiefer
Preferential Solvation: Spectral Dynamic Slowdown of a Rhenium Photocatalyst

P060 - Lays Rezende Valim
2DIR Spectroscopy Study of Oxidation - From Biomarker Quantification to Spectral Imaging of Tissue Sections

P062 - Elisabetta Collini
Can Solvent Vibrational Modes Generate Coherent Oscillation in Excited Organic Dye?

P064 - Maksim Grechko
Background-Free Fourth-Order Optical Spectroscopy of Interfaces

P066 - Malte Oppermann
A broadband Femtosecond Time-Resolved Circular Dichroism Spectrometer in The Near-UV

P068 - Mariangela Di Donato
Influence of H-aggregate Formation on The Photophysics of a Push-Pull Phtalocyanine

P070 - Matthieu Sala
Three-Pulse Photon Echo Spectra at Conical Intersections: Model Dissipative Quantum Dynamical Studies

P072 - Nicholas Kearns
Can We Throw Away Our OPA? Two-Dimensional White Light Spectroscopy at 100 kHz

P074 - Nicolas Forget
100 kHz Tunable Mid-IR Source for 2D-IR Spectroscopy

P076 - Patrick E. Konold
Signaling Transduction Pathway of AsLOV2 Revealed by Time-Resolved Vibrational Spectroscopy

P078 - Rene Costard
Coherent Dynamics of Phosphate Ions in Bulk H2O

P080 - Riccardo Alessandri
In Silico Characterization of Polymer-Fullerene Organic Photovoltaic Bulk Heterojunctions

P082 - Samuel Palato
Self-Compressed Visible Supercontinuum from 100 fs Pulses Using a Hollow-Core Fiber

P084 - Simon Draeger
Rapid-Scan 2D Fluorescence Spectroscopy

P086 - Hugh Sowley
Detection and Assignment of Inhibitor-Protein Interactions from EVV 2DIR Data

P088 - Steven J. Roeters
Evidence for Intramolecular Antiparallel β-Sheet Structure in α-Synuclein Fibrils Aggregated Under Physiological Conditions

P090 - Withdrawn

P092 - Thorsten Hansen
2D Electronic Spectra of Electron Transfer

P094 - Tomáš Mancal
Transient Non-Equilibrium Ground State Signals in 2D Spectra due to Energy Transfer

P096 - Xiaonan Ma
Broadband 2D Electronic Spectroscopy by Hollow-Fiber Compression

P098 - Yusaku Hontani
Molecular Dynamics on Microbial Rhodopsins Probed by Timeresolved Vibrational Spectroscopy

P100 - Jörn Weißenborn
Resolving Structural Dynamics In Blue-Light Photoreceptors Through 2D IR Spectroscopy

P102 - Kenneth L. Knappenberger Jr
State-resolved Dynamics in Structurally Precise Monolayer-Protected Gold Clusters Using Two-Dimensional Electronic Spectroscopy

P104 - Ana V. Cunha
Exciton Delocalization in the Amide I Band of a Protein-Like Liquid